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Perhaps our customers are the best gauge of the service and quality you can expect from Rocky Mountain Turbines. That’s why you can refer you friends with total confidence. See for yourself what they have to say.

Our Work Speaks Volumes

“Skyways came to our rescue.”

New Year’s Day in Telluride – not the best time or place to need a hot section repair on your King Air. Fortunately, RVR Aviation knew who to call.

“The engine is now performing flawlessly and I just want to say THANK YOU! Our owners were very concerned that with was going to be a long-term repair costing a lot of downtime, but it was fixed very quickly. We’re recommending your services to other flight departments here in Fort Worth. The flight to your shop will be more than repaid by the expert workmanship and prices available there.”

Mark Miller

Chief Pilot, RVR Aviation, LLC

“…my highest rating…”

After 30 years of selling Pratt & Whitney powered turboprops, Steve Rich has seen every type of customer service in the book. Rocky Mountain Turbines was a pleasant surprise.

“I’ve had experience with the ‘big name’ service facilities. However, the recent work that’s been done for us on a Beechcraft King Air 200 and Cessna Conquest I has been a refreshing change when it comes to customer service! Tom Barry of Rocky Mountain Turbines gets my highest rating when it comes to solving problems, helping with reducing parts costs, and being available to respond to completion deadlines.”

Steve Rich

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions, Bell Aviation West

“…very responsive…”

Leonard Felix started his spray service company in 1969. He’s worked with countless engine shops through the years, and Rocky Mountain Turbines impresses him more than any.

I’ve had great experiences with Rocky Mountain Turbines. We’ve had several engines overhauled with them. They’re always very responsive, their work is excellent, and the turnaround is good. We had a crack show up in an engine and they turned it in a week. They’re a perfect resource for us when we need parts, support, information, anything. They go out of their way to help in every way. We do a lot of out own maintenance and Rocky Mountain Turbines gives us everything we need to get back in the air. I count on them.

Leonard Felix

President, Olathe Spray Service

“…the best option…”

No matter what the problem, no matter what the weather, Rocky Mountain Turbines always comes through for Mayo Aviation. Allen Noel counts on them for consistently impressive service and repairs.

“Rocky Mountain Turbines has demonstrated why they are the support group to go to in the Rocky Mountain region. Mayo Aviation has been able to reduce downtime, find the best, most cost-effective options for repairs and solve problems that others have not seen. They continue to provide great support with our best interest in mind.”

Allen Noel

Director of Maintenance, Mayo Aviation

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Rocky Mountain Turbines. My Experience with Rocky Mountain Turbines has been excellent. We have worked with them for several years entrusting them with overhaul and repair work on our engines. We Trust and value them to be true professionals whose goal is committed to providing solutions that specifically address our unique needs.

They are true professionals that value both time and money and deliver safe and reliable products with a stipulated deadline.

I am extremely satisfied with the way they conduct their business and hope that you have the same technical and professional experience with them.

Kevin H. Williams

General Manager, National Aerotech Aviation, Inc.

Let me first introduce myself, I am Gary Duffley. I am the Director of Maintenance for Air Adelphi. We are located on the island of St. Vincent in the West Indies. I have been in aviation maintenance for over 33 years. I have dealt with PT6 engines for about 14 years. Up until a few years ago I had all my engine work by a large well know company. The problem is that company may have gotten too large and forgot about customer satisfaction and why worry about it because they are one of the biggest and can afford to miss handle smaller operators. This is when I discovered Rocky Mountain Turbines. A smaller, hands-on engine shop with great prices. I sent my local authority to audit Rocky Mountain Turbines and they too were impressed. I have had two hot sections, two compressor repair and two complete engine over hauls done at Rocky Mountain Turbines, all with the same outstanding results. The engines worked on by Rocky Mountain Turbines are my coolest running engines. This is a big plus in operating in the Caribbean. They have a great warranty program which quite frankly I have yet to use. I have not had a single issue with any of the work done by them on my PT6 engines.

I have called them for advice on other engine issues I had and again the same great results pointing me in the correct trouble shooting direction. In the near future they will be also conducting training for me at my request. I have nothing but praise for this company and they are the only shop I deal with now and in the future.

Gary M Duffley

I spent 10 years as West Star Aviation’s Aircraft Sales Manager. During that time, we turned to Western Skyways for help dealing with Conquest I Pratt and Whitney Engine problems. We could always count on Western Skyways for prompt service and fair pricing for the turbine engine repair.

I’ve managed a satellite office for Bell Aviation, Inc. based in Grand Junction, CO for over twenty years. We do a high volume of King Air Turboprop Sales. We’ve used Western Skyways / Rocky Mountain Turbine Services for everything from King Air 90 Series HSIs to King Air 350 engine repairs. WS/RMTS has also been very helpful with enrolling P&W Engines on the 8000 HR MORE TBO Engine Program. We’re located just 65 miles from the Rocky Mountain Turbine Services facility. At the same time, the RMTS staff is always willing to travel to out of state locations when dealing with grounded aircraft.

I highly recommend any turbine aircraft operator seeking Rocky Mountain Turbine Services’ expertise with anything from routine P&W maintenance to major engine repairs.

Steve Rich

Aircraft Sales, Bell Aviation West

I have known Tom Barry for over 20 years. Over these years, Tom has both helped me with technical questions, and performed maintenance on PT6 and JT15 aircraft engines. This maintenance includes everything up to engine overhaul. I have never had an issue with the quality of his work, or service after the job has been completed.

I recently had Tom complete two hot section inspections on PT6A-28 Engines. The quality was outstanding, and the cost saved the customer approximately $20k verses what a competing turbine shop that was a DOF for Pratt and Whitney quoted.

I will continue to use Rocky Mountain Turbine Services and Tom Barry for my future PT6 engine needs. Customer service is top notch, and cost savings are unmatched.

George E. Ulmer

Turbine Aircraft Service Manager, Epps Aviations

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