FAA Authorized Repair Station 1B6R708C

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PT6A Power Section

PT6A Power SectionThe PT6A Power Section has either a single-stage or a two-stage power turbine depending on model.  For turboprop use, this powers a two-stage planetary output reduction gearbox, which turns the propeller at a speed of 1,900 to 2,200 rpm. The exhaust gas then escapes through two side-mounted ducts in the power turbine housing or exhaust duct.

  • Sudden stoppage inspection
  • Prop strike inspection
  • Vibration analysis
  • Over torque inspection
  • Lightning strike inspection
  • Life limited parts replacement
  • Metal in the oil repairs
  • Exhaust case replacement
  • Complete power section overhaul
  • Ad note containment ring replacement
  • Harness thermocouple & bus bar replacement
  • Pratt & Whitney or FAA-PMA parts option

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